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Who is Kevin Durant’s Favorite NBA Player?

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Kevin Durant, only 22 yrs old and has already gained Superstar status in the NBA. Last season, he led the NBA in scoring and is on pace to complete that feat once again this season.

(Its crazy to think that this guy is only 1 month older than me… fml)

Kevin Durant Statistics:
27.8 ppg, 6.9 rebounds, 2.8 assists

Despite being an idol and role model to many basketball fans, Durant was once a fan himself, a fan of:

Vince Carter

Yup you better believe it… Vince Carter, although he has deteriorated with age, now 34, was a highlight machine up until his final year as a New Jersey Net, hence the names Vinsanity and Half Man, Half Amazing. He is currently the 8th top scorer in the NBA amongst active players and 36th all-time.

Durant said:

“When I was growing up and 8 or 9 or 10 and I really started getting into basketball . . . I thought he was the best player ever. . . I still look up to him. Even though people say he’s not the old Vince Carter, I’ve watched him in the league since I’ve been here, and he’s proved people wrong. So, I’m still a big fan. He’s still my favorite player.”

So.. do you think Carter knows he’s Durant’s Idol??

YOU be the judge..

This season, Carter is averaging a woeful 14.1 ppg, while shooting 43.7%..

However, against the Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder, in 3 games, Carter is averaging 30 ppg, shooting it at 53.2%

So yeah, I think he knows.. and baby it shows, Check it out..
Air Cactus??… Really?


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