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No Melo, No Problem

The Utah Jazz have officially traded All-Star Point Guard Deron Williams to the New Jersey Nets.  In exchange for Devin Harris, Derrick Favors, two 1st round (2011, 2012) draft picks and cash!

The trade is made 13 days after head coach Jerry Sloan suddenly resigned, after 23-yrs of service with the Jazz. Although, no true explanation was revealed, inside sources claimed that there had been multiple clashes between the coach and his point guard, Deron Williams.

Think about it??

  • Many Sources have claimed that D-Will who was caught off-guard with this deal is not too happy with the trade, quote, “Sad Day”
  • If Williams was really the one who drove out long tenured coach Jerry Sloan. Should Jerry Sloan Return?

Other News:

In a separate deal the New Jersey Nets are on the verge of trading the expiring contract of Troy Murphy (along with $3M cash) to the Golden State Warriors in exchange for Dan Gadzurich and Brandan Wright.

Stay Tuned for more!


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New Goals & New Life in New York City

Carmelo Anthony Traded to Knicks

Its Official, Carmelo Anthony’s prayers have been answered, he is now a member of the New York Knicks. The trade involved 3 teams and 12 players, as discussed earlier:

New York Knicks Receive: Carmelo Anthony, Chauncey Billups, Shelden Willams, Anthony Carter, Renaldo Balkman and Corey Brewer (from MIN)

Denver Nuggets Recieve: Wilson Chandler, Danilo Gallinari, Raymond Felton, Timothy Mosgov, one 1st-round pick, and two 2nd-round picks

Minnesota Timberwolves Recieve: Eddy Curry, Anthony Randolph, $3M in Cash Considerations from NY

The Nuggets who were $13.5M over the luxury tax which incurs a (dollar per dollar penalty), are now $4.5M below the salary cap.

Carmelo Anthony’s Agent, Leon Rose spoke about the trade,

I’m extremely happy for Melo. We are very appreciative to the Denver Nuggets organization for their efforts in assisting. Melo is excited and looking forward to playing for the Knicks.

Voice your opinion!

Lesson to be Learned??

  • The Toronto Raptors should have traded Chris Bosh!
  • Should the Cavs have traded LeBron??
  • Will the Magic trade Dwight Howard if he fails to sign extension as well?

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A Nuggets’ Drama Ending

Will 'Melo' wear a Knick or Net Jersey after Trade Deadline?

With the Trade Deadline approaching on February 24th, the Denver Nuggets and Carmelo Anthony are expected to hug and wave goodbye… After 7 and a half strong seasons in Denver, the now 4-time All-Star is ready for change and reconsideration does not seem likely.

‘Melo’ wants out of Denver and has indirectly hinted to his home state of New York. He has forced the organizations hand by refusing to sign a $65M extension making him unrestricted this upcoming summer. Although, New Jersey is a close 2nd option, everyone knows that New Yorkers hate New Jersey.

(Ted Mosby Explains)

New York Denver Proposal

New York Knicks Receive: Carmelo Anthony, Chauncey Billups, Shelden Willams and Renaldo Balkman

Denver Nuggets Recieve: Wilson Chandler, Danilo Gallinari, Raymond Felton, 1st-round (2014) Pick and Corey Brewer (from MIN)

Minnesota Timberwolves Recieve: Eddy Curry, Anthony Randolph

New Jersey Denver Proposal

New Jersey Nets Receive: Carmelo Anthony, Chauncey Billups, Renaldo Balkman and Melvin Ely.

Denver Nuggets Receive: Derrick Favors, Devin Harris, Troy Murphy, Ben Uzoh and four 1st round picks


  • Anthony is expected to inform the Nets today whether he will or will not sign the extension with the team, which will likely determine whether the trade is completed or not.
  • If he does not agree, the Nuggets have 2 options left, let Anthony walk next summer to New York or trade him for value to New York.
  • A deal has been agreed to, but was not allowed to be announced during All-Star Weekend??

What do I think??

Carmelo Anthony will get his way and New York will make a run for an NBA Championship behind Melo, Amare and Billups.

What do YOU think??



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Threats, Misconceptions and Complication have Impeded Nets-Nuggets Talks

Late Sunday evening, sources reported that the Nets, Nuggets and Pistons were finalizing details to a 15-player swap. Details such as the destinations of Devin Harris, Al Harrington, Johan Petro and the inclusion of Draft Picks as part of the trade were being resolved.

However, late Monday evening, that all changed…

The Denver Nuggets organization, fed up with feeling pressured by the Nets and their soon to be former superstar, Carmelo Anthony, whilst in the midst of a complicated deal, totally lost it..

Adrian Wojnarowski reported via Twitter:

Denver threatens New Jersey: Unless tone changes in ‘Melo talks, watch us trade him to [New York] Knicks.

Dissatisfied and annoyed by the Nets, the Nuggets demanded a change of tone. Other sources said, they also insisted that no more information regarding  the trade be leaked to the public, or else..
Carmelo will be traded to the Knicks.. (instead of the Nets)..


Let’s think about this for a second..

Would the Nuggets organization really trade their Superstar Asset to the Knicks (who aren’t offering much) to simply provoke the Nets?? Furthermore, does it make sense to make such a statement public to a Knicks organization, who are already confident that when the Summer-time comes around they can acquire Anthony on their own terms at a lesser cost??

Sounds like the Nuggets have nothin’ but a 7-2 off-suit… (also known as, the worst hand you can have in Texas-Hold’em Poker..)

Here’s the irony??
Ironically, this trade’s outcome is not in the hands of the Pistons, Nets or even the Nuggets. Instead, 15 NBA players, their families and 3 or more billion-dollar organizations await the decision of one person, Carmelo Anthony. He is the one in control, he can make or break this deal, because if Anthony isn’t on board with signing at least a 3-year, $65 million contract extension with the Nets, there is very little anyone can do about him walking away from the Nuggets organization in exchange for nothing or close to nothing come this Summer.

Things to consider??

  • If Carmelo does not sign the aforementioned extension with either the Nuggets, Nets or any other team he is traded to by the trade deadline (February 24th), he will most likely be accepting a much smaller offer next season due to the new Collective Bargaining Agreement between players and teams which will take into account the recent economic crisis in the world.
  • Some GM’s have said that they may try to trade for Carmelo as a rental for the season, to ultimately win a championship (but who can really win with an uninterested player).
  • Anthony has said in an interview that he doesn’t think the Knicks are even interested in him due to how well the team has been performing of late and other sources feel that Anthony may be stepping over Amar’e Stoudemire’s (captain and focal point of the Knicks) toes.

Where does this all lead us??
I have no freaking clue! So much to consider, too many constraints and possibilities, we just have to wait and see what happens!

What do you think will happen?

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Chauncey Billups (left) and Carmelo Anthony (right) are New Jersey Bound

Nuggets, Nets and Pistons set to complete Blockbuster Deal!

The Denver Nuggets, New Jersey Nets and the Detroit Pistons are finalizing details on a Blockbuster Deal! The deal will tie as the 13th largest trade in NBA history!

The proposed offer will send:

  • To the New Jersey Nets: Carmelo Anthony, Chauncey Billups, Anthony Carter, Shelden Williams and Richard Hamilton.
  • To the Detroit Pistons: Troy Murphy and Johan Petro (Petro is an uncertainty)
  • To the Denver Nuggets: Devin Harris, Derrick Favors, Anthony Morrow, Stephen Graham, Ben Uzoh and two first round draft picks (NJ)

Devin Harris being shipped to Nuggets in blockbuster trade

The deal is set to reunite Billups with former Pistons teammate Hamilton, the duo was an integral part of the Piston team which went on to win the 2004 NBA Championship over the Los Angeles Lakers. However, sources have expressed that Billups is not happy with the idea of being traded from his hometown of Denver in these late stages of his career and may seek a buy-out from the Nets by season’s end.

As we all know, its no secret that Carmelo Anthony (3-time All-star) has wanted out of Denver since the summer of 2010. He has managed to finally force the Nuggets organization’s hand to trade him by not signing an extension with the team worth close to $60 million, in order to be an unrestricted free agent this upcoming summer (meaning he can sign with any team).

…and we all know how ugly it got the last time this happened…

LeBron James Ladies and Gentleman!… (tweet.. tweet..)

So Whats the Hold Up?
According to various sources, Denver has been back and forth for the return they are getting for Carmelo Anthony. On January 9th at night they began to ponder over a different mix of players from the Nets. However, as it stands now, the Nuggets want to include Al Harrington and his 4 year, $28 million contract to shed expenses, but the Nets do not want to take on anymore future liabilities.
Furthermore, there seems to be an issue regarding Petro going to Detroit and it is unclear whether New Jersey will send a draft pick their way as well.

  • I will continue to further update once more integral information is released or the trade goes through!

…For those people who enjoyed watching Willard the Boxing Kangaroo..

My Hypothetical Story:
Man by the pond –> Nuggets organization
Kangaroo  –> Carmelo Anthony

Although Carmelo would prefer to play with the New York Knicks, it seems like he will agree to a contract extension with the New Jersey (Brooklyn bound) Nets. Furthermore, sources say he has expressed interest in playing with Richard Hamilton from the Detroit Pistons.

Projected Nets Rotation?
Starters – Billups, Hamilton, Anthony, Williams, Lopez
Bench – Farmar, Vujacic, Outlaw, Humphries

Championship Team in Jersey?
If the trade goes through, and the Nets complete the overhaul of their team, can one expect a championship in Jersey led by an experienced coach in Avery Johnson?
Remember that just last year, the Nets got off to the worst start in NBA history with a 0-18 record and they went on to finish the season with the worst record in the NBA at 12-70.

Again, wanna hear your thoughts!

The idea is not to block every shot.  The idea is to make your opponent believe that you might block every shot.
Bill Russell

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