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Eight Wins To Go

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Last night, Rajon Rondo stepped up BIG to close out the Second Round of the Playoffs. With Pierce fouled out and the Celtics struggling to score, Rondo went on a personal 9-0 run to put the game and series away for the Celtics.

Rajon Rondo comes up BIG for the Celtics, Game 7 vs 76ers.

… And here come the Conference Finals..

And as we’ve done through every round, Scamz and I have our predictions (well Scamz has decent predictions, my predictions have been as good as Montreal weather predictions)

But first, here’s an update on the competition!

First Round Scores

Second Round Scores (Points are Doubled)

It’s bad.. I know, Scamz is running away with this one.
Scamz 197134 Swish

Conference Finals, Points are now TRIPLED!

Select correct series winner: +30 points
Incorrect selection will cost: -15 points

Having selected the correct winner, additional points can be earned:

Correct number of games: +18 points
One game error in guess: +9 points
Two game error: +3 points

Here are our Predictions for the Conference Finals, starting with Scamz and then Swish!

Scamz’s NBA Playoffs 2012 Conference Finals Predictions

Swish’s NBA Playoffs 2012 Conference Finals Predictions


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Tough Comeback

On Saturday we pitched out our predictions for the Eastern Conference Semi Finals while we waiting for the west to get set, now that they are, here it is!

Final Point Tally:
Scamz – 95 points
Swish – 63 points (.. looking rusty — need a comeback!)

Here are the Predictions for the Semi Finals

Scamz Predicts:

Scamz’ Predictions for the 2012 NBA Playoffs Semi Finals


Swish Predicts:

Swish’s Predictions for the 2012 NBA Playoffs Semi Finals

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So.. to Sum Up:
Derrick Rose got injured, lost to the 76ers; Heat made ashes of the Knicks; Pacer’s advanced; Celtics got lucky; Mavericks were embarrassed; LA is not serious; Clips and Griz are making games really exciting to watch AND Spurs have not disappointed us! phew..

8th seeded 76ers beat out top seeded Bulls in NBA 1st Round Playoffs 2012

Tallying up the Points!

Scamz has tallied up 66 points with 2 Series still undecided in the First Round.
And I’m saddened to announce that I’m trailing by quite the early margin with just 40 points thus far. But have no fear! I’m like the Clips, just looking to have a 27 point comeback in the end!

First Round Predictions Here!

Second Round, Points are Doubled!

Select correct series winner: +20 points
Incorrect selection will cost: -10 points

Having selected the correct winner, additional points can be earned:

Correct number of games: +12 points
One game error in guess: +6 points
Two game error: +2 points

Eastern Conference Predictions from Scamz for the 2nd Round:

Scamz’s Second Round Eastern Conference Winners, NBA Playoffs 2012

Eastern Conference Predictions from Swish for the 2nd Round:

Swish’s Eastern Conference Second Round Winners, NBA Playoffs 2012

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Young and Restless

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The 2nd Round of the NBA Playoffs officially came to an end earlier today when the Oklahoma City Thunder defeated the Memphis Grizzlies in a hard-fought 7-game series. How good were my predictions, pretty darn good.. (2nd Round Predictions).

You’ve got to congratulate the Grizzlies on a fantastic year, Conley and Gasol’s development along with Z-Bo’s dominance have the future looking bright as ever and that’s exciting!

The semi-finals also begin today with the Chicago bulls hosting the surging Miami Heat.

Here are my predictions! (Click Image to Full Screen)

Swish's NBA Playoff Predictions of the Semi-Finals

Upsets, Getting Real..

Dallas Mavericks vs Oklahoma City ThunderThunder are just quicker and more athletic and if I’ve learnt anything about the Mavericks over the last 5 years. . . they can’t quite keep up with athletic teams.. I expect Dirk Nowitzki to be out-of-phase while facing a variety of long athletic Ibaka (Shot-blaka) arms and who in the world is going to stop Russell Westbrook from penetrating the Maverick Defense.. However, Mavs do own home-court advantage and have much more experience than OKC.. It’ll be interesting, slow vs fast, poised vs reckless, old vs young..

Chicago Bulls vs Miami Heat – This series is going to be WILD! The Heat are scorching hot but Chicago swept the season series 3-0.. But, if LeBron James and Dwyane Wade keep up their recent assault, I just can’t see Derrick Rose and co. stopping them.. I should also note that I am really looking forward to watching poor old Mike Bibby break an ankle. . Series is gonna be defensively oriented, expect low scoring games but hard fought and exciting!


Happy Playoff-ing = Company + Drinks + HD TV!

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Will to Win

CASE 1: Rondo Returns!!

Boston Celtic, PG, Rajon Rondo dislocated his left elbow in yesterdays win over the Miami Heat, after falling awkwardly under opposing guard Dwayne Wade.

I know, the image is disgusting!

Initially, you might think…
he’s out for the season??.. out for the series??.. out for the game??

.. What?? he’s coming back?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!

Rondo wrapped it up and just came right back!

What an ANIMAL!!

CASE 2: Grizzlies Rally!

The Memphis Grizzlies came back from 16 down in the 4th quarter to beat the Oklahoma City Thunder and take a 2-1 lead in the best of 7 series.

Led by the “Best Power Forward in the League” Zach Randolph’s 21-21 night offensively but it was Memphis’ tenacious defense has me pondering over my picks.. and I’m worried. . .

If they play lock down D for 48 min, and Memphis could go all the way to the Finals, especially facing Dallas.. (Disappointed in Lakers)

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Are the LA Lakers Just Bored?

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Kobe Bryant (right) whistling away on the bench

Ever since the All-Star break, the Los Angeles Lakers had been one of the best teams in the league.. right up there with the OKC Thunder and the Chicago Bulls. They began the second half of the season with a 17-1 record and looked poised to beat out the San Antonio Spurs for the best record in the league.

And there I sat thinking:
. . . here comes another Laker Championship. . .

but in the blink of an eye, LA has collapsed.

After failing to box out on the final possession of a missed free throw vs the Nuggets and a heart breaking mishandle by Kobe Bryant vs the Jazz.. the Lakers have now lost 5 in a row (first time since acquiring Pau Gasol).

So are the Lakers just bored? or is this season’s inconsistent play pointing towards a failed Championship three-peat?

I really think its a bit of both. LA doesn’t look like a finals-lock as they had in their previous 3 years. Derek Fisher is even older and struggles to stop the penetration opposing guards and Ron Artest is a mood-swing on offense, because you just never know what your going to get. While the Mavericks have gotten bigger and the Thunder are bigger and quicker (Lethal).

But yes, the Lakers do look bored and just about ready to start competing for the title. They say ‘good habits are developed overtime’ and these are just not good habits. We saw the Lakers flick the switch after the all-star break and win 17 of 18..

Can they flick the switch twice in one season? Only time will tell..

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Who is Kevin Durant’s Favorite NBA Player?

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Kevin Durant, only 22 yrs old and has already gained Superstar status in the NBA. Last season, he led the NBA in scoring and is on pace to complete that feat once again this season.

(Its crazy to think that this guy is only 1 month older than me… fml)

Kevin Durant Statistics:
27.8 ppg, 6.9 rebounds, 2.8 assists

Despite being an idol and role model to many basketball fans, Durant was once a fan himself, a fan of:

Vince Carter

Yup you better believe it… Vince Carter, although he has deteriorated with age, now 34, was a highlight machine up until his final year as a New Jersey Net, hence the names Vinsanity and Half Man, Half Amazing. He is currently the 8th top scorer in the NBA amongst active players and 36th all-time.

Durant said:

“When I was growing up and 8 or 9 or 10 and I really started getting into basketball . . . I thought he was the best player ever. . . I still look up to him. Even though people say he’s not the old Vince Carter, I’ve watched him in the league since I’ve been here, and he’s proved people wrong. So, I’m still a big fan. He’s still my favorite player.”

So.. do you think Carter knows he’s Durant’s Idol??

YOU be the judge..

This season, Carter is averaging a woeful 14.1 ppg, while shooting 43.7%..

However, against the Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder, in 3 games, Carter is averaging 30 ppg, shooting it at 53.2%

So yeah, I think he knows.. and baby it shows, Check it out..
Air Cactus??… Really?

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