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Eight Wins To Go

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Last night, Rajon Rondo stepped up BIG to close out the Second Round of the Playoffs. With Pierce fouled out and the Celtics struggling to score, Rondo went on a personal 9-0 run to put the game and series away for the Celtics.

Rajon Rondo comes up BIG for the Celtics, Game 7 vs 76ers.

… And here come the Conference Finals..

And as we’ve done through every round, Scamz and I have our predictions (well Scamz has decent predictions, my predictions have been as good as Montreal weather predictions)

But first, here’s an update on the competition!

First Round Scores

Second Round Scores (Points are Doubled)

It’s bad.. I know, Scamz is running away with this one.
Scamz 197134 Swish

Conference Finals, Points are now TRIPLED!

Select correct series winner: +30 points
Incorrect selection will cost: -15 points

Having selected the correct winner, additional points can be earned:

Correct number of games: +18 points
One game error in guess: +9 points
Two game error: +3 points

Here are our Predictions for the Conference Finals, starting with Scamz and then Swish!

Scamz’s NBA Playoffs 2012 Conference Finals Predictions

Swish’s NBA Playoffs 2012 Conference Finals Predictions


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Tough Comeback

On Saturday we pitched out our predictions for the Eastern Conference Semi Finals while we waiting for the west to get set, now that they are, here it is!

Final Point Tally:
Scamz – 95 points
Swish – 63 points (.. looking rusty — need a comeback!)

Here are the Predictions for the Semi Finals

Scamz Predicts:

Scamz’ Predictions for the 2012 NBA Playoffs Semi Finals


Swish Predicts:

Swish’s Predictions for the 2012 NBA Playoffs Semi Finals

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So.. to Sum Up:
Derrick Rose got injured, lost to the 76ers; Heat made ashes of the Knicks; Pacer’s advanced; Celtics got lucky; Mavericks were embarrassed; LA is not serious; Clips and Griz are making games really exciting to watch AND Spurs have not disappointed us! phew..

8th seeded 76ers beat out top seeded Bulls in NBA 1st Round Playoffs 2012

Tallying up the Points!

Scamz has tallied up 66 points with 2 Series still undecided in the First Round.
And I’m saddened to announce that I’m trailing by quite the early margin with just 40 points thus far. But have no fear! I’m like the Clips, just looking to have a 27 point comeback in the end!

First Round Predictions Here!

Second Round, Points are Doubled!

Select correct series winner: +20 points
Incorrect selection will cost: -10 points

Having selected the correct winner, additional points can be earned:

Correct number of games: +12 points
One game error in guess: +6 points
Two game error: +2 points

Eastern Conference Predictions from Scamz for the 2nd Round:

Scamz’s Second Round Eastern Conference Winners, NBA Playoffs 2012

Eastern Conference Predictions from Swish for the 2nd Round:

Swish’s Eastern Conference Second Round Winners, NBA Playoffs 2012

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End of an Era

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As you already know, Shaquille O’Neal (aka. Shaq, Diesel, Shaq-daddy) announced his retirement via Twitter yesterday.

Although I loved and cherished the era of Shaq in the NBA and will miss watching him play dearly, I’m not here to babble on about all that..

The fact of the matter is, Shaq’s retirement is quite significant in that it may be the last time we ever see such a low post dominant center for many many more years. You may argue that Dwight Howard is a dominant center and I would agree with you, defensively. However, offensively there are no longer any centers that can dominate the game on the block the way the Diesel did back in the day.

Nowadays, the NBA’s big men seem to drifting further and further away from the basket, which in retrospect is a wonderful asset to have, diversifying a team’s offensive schemes. But this advantage is usually nullified, as more and more players continue to fall in love with their jump shot.. and as we all know, that jump shot is one moody and inconsistent spouse.

I hope to see more players develop into post-up big men who can dictate a game’s pace, a team’s offensive or even the league itself the way Shaq did.

And now for the mushy part..

Shaq you will be missed, your on court dominance and your off court spirits — Never will there be another player like Shaquille O’Neal. . .


Top 10 Career Moments (Also very funny, Shaq’s Top 10 Quotes — Click)

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Makings of a Classic

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The Orlando Magic and Atlanta Hawks are in the midst of a rivalry. In last year’s second round match-ups the Magic swept the Hawks while setting the record for the most lop-sided NBA series of all time, winning each game by an average of 25.3 ppg.

This year the Hawks are back, with something to prove beating the Magic 3 our of 4 times in the regular season and have now taken a 2-1 lead in the series.

Game 1 – Dwight Howard was unstoppable, racking up 46 pts and grabbing 19 rebounds! But, Magic still lost due to a horrendous shooting display by the rest of the team.

Game 2 – Howard again scored 39 pts and collected another 19 boards. . . yeah, animal, I know! This time pulling out a ‘W’.

Game 3 – Did not disappoint. . .

First, “The Fight” – Zaza Pachulia doing his best Zinedine Zidane Impression

Does J-Rich have Dwight’s back?? The answer is Yes..

and then, this. . .

Jamal, with the beauty . . . pun intended. . .

Who says there’s no such thing as miracles..

Game 4 is Tonight! and I wouldn’t miss it!

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Playa’s of the Year!

One of the most highly anticipated NBA regular seasons has come to end, but the excitement is just beginning! With the NBA Playoffs set to begin this Saturday! But first, I’ve gotta hand out my Season’s Awards.

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Most Valuable Player!

Derrick Rose

. . . . . enough said, just watch!!  MVP! MVP! MVP!

Alright, but I can’t go on without mentioning that the Chicago Bulls won 62 games this season and stole the best league record from the San Antonio Spurs on the LAST DAY of the regular season.

And obviously, D-Rose has been unconscious and as consistent as Day n’ Night..

Rookie of the Year!

This next guy is pretty incredible as well, I’m sure you’ve heard his name before…

Blake ‘the Earthquake’ Griffin

This guy’s had so many highlights, the NBA should considering re-naming the Top 10 Plays after him!

Defensive Player of the Year!

Dwight Howard 

He’s like his own SWAT team, as in he will swat that *beep*outta here.. (clever, I know..)

No seriously, a basketball looks like your daily orange in this guy’s hands.

Sixth Man!

James Harden

yeah ever since the Thunder traded away Jeff Green, Harden has become the most consistent spark off the bench! Strong Finish!

(Alot of ppl may pick Lamar Odom, but the guy’s stats are inflated because he was a starter for the first 2 months of the season… real bench numbers arn’t that impressive)

Most Improved Player!

Papa pa pa paaa I’m Lovin’ it!

Kevin Love

Fantastic personal achievement this season.. and an incredible 30-30 night! 

… just hope your cooties are contagious.. your teammates need it.

Coach of the Year!

Tom Thibodeau

No LeBron James? No Dwayne Wade? No Problem.. the Tom Thibodeau, Derrick Rose tandem is the best in the league!

First time Head-coach has shocked us all with his ability to earn his player’s loyalty and dedication! ..

Playoffs a different story, we’ll have to wait and see..

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Dissecting the Eastern Conference (III)

For the first time in many years, the Eastern Conference Playoff picture looks as bright and exciting as ever. With the playoffs approaching rapidly, who will be this year’s BEAST of the EAST! Time to rate all potential teams!

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Orlando Magic (43-26)

The Magic seemed well on their way to revisiting the NBA Finals last season. Undefeated with an 8-0 record, they prepared to face the Boston Celtics, but shockingly, the Magic utterly collapsed. After a shaky start to this season, the Magic shook the league with a series of trades which overturned their roster, bringing back fan favorite Hedo Turkogu, along with J-Rich and Gilbert Arenas, while parting ways with the aging Lewis and Carter.

The Magic have the potential to get on a HOT streak, whether from the perimeter, by solid defense and or by simply feeding off of All-Star Dwight Howard’s freakishly gigantic shoulders in the paint. Howard has continued to elevate his game, further developing his post play and even occasionally stepping out to knock down the mid-range jumper. The combination of Howard and the 3-point shooters which surround him, have the Magic always sticking around in the big games. The question remains, can they finish them?

Live and die by the 3-point shot
.. one of the leaders in 3-point attempts and makes, the Magic could also go COLD from the perimeter and when that happens the team seems to domino effect with lackluster defense and bad decision making. Furthermore, the players seem to have grown tired of hearing Stan Van Gundy yelling and screaming all day. Although efficient in desperate times, that style of coaching has its limits and then… you tune out. How much longer will they listen? Only time will tell.. lol

My Rating:

Category Rating /10
Coaching 7
Starting 5 8
Bench 9
Experience 8
Closer 7
Rating 7.8

Swish says: Good Run at representing the East in the NBA Finals


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