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Miami Heat Problems Are Clear Cut

The Miami Heat, have two of the leagues hottest stars in Dwayne Wade and LeBron James (season’s MVP) and a solid number 2 guy on any other team, Chris Bosh. And yet for the second straight year, after being up 2-0 in a series, the once ‘OmgJamesWade&BoshAreGonnaBeUnstoppable’ team are on the verge of elimination dropping 4 straight for the second time (the first, being against the Dallas Mavericks in last year’s NBA Finals). WHYY!?!

Many people speculate, but I have the answer!! (or atleast I think I do..)

There’s Always Something Funny..

The Heat’s problems are clear, cut and 3-fold..
Here’s what I’ve come up with:

1. What is SOO funny??

This is such a mind blowing thing to me. When playing basketball, soccer or hockey out on your local court, field or ice rink, caught in a highly competitive game, but for some reason or another, your down, losing or have lost..

… would you be laughing??

I don’t know if there’s a clown in the stands juggling hoola-hoops or if they’ve got Russell Peters on the announcers mic doing jokes, but if it were you or me fighting for our legacies on the NBA Playoff stage, I can’t see a single reason for a grin without a win.

The Spurs, Thunder and Celtics have shown that locked-in mental focus thus far and they are proving why hard work and passion can possibly override talent.

2. Big Time Egos NEED Big Time Coaches

Coach Erik Spoelstra isn’t the worst coach in the world. There are many young teams in the NBA who could use an inexperienced coach to grow together, but he could possibly the worst coach for this organization and this situation.

How could one expect three players with egos as big as their multi-million dollar bank accounts, to listen to, abide by or respect a coach who has thus far individually accomplished nothing significant in the NBA. Sitting along side Pat Riley and the Miami Heat in the 2006 NBA Finals is one thing, doing it yourself is another… especially when you have LeBron James.

LeBron needs what very few coaches provide, guidance and authority over superstar players. Doc Rivers has it, Greg Popovich has it, George Karl and Phil Jackson had it. Not to say that Erik Spoelstra may not earn it eventually, but talk about an uphill battle, this is it.

3. Leave the Showmanship to the Announcers:

LeBron, Wade and Bosh need to stop worrying about their appearance, the way they look or are perceived and just play hard fought basketball. No need for ‘Flash’, ‘The Chosen One’ or ‘Side Show Bosh’, the only thing welcome at this point is toughness and confidence, the rest of the cast will follow suit.

I have nothing against the Heat, I’m not one of those! I don’t hate LeBron James and Dwayne Wade, in fact, I wish they would succeed together. I just wish this message could be delivered to them with the best of intentions. They may win a championship based on talent, but a DYNASTY is built by so much more.


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Carter, McGrady and Oakley Reunite

Its Friday, November 4th.. you know what that means? That means we should be watching Blake Griffin dunking on a couple of Trail Blazers, Spurs and Mavs in an old timer classic and a good ol’ Nash vs Bryant showdown…

… instead we’re chilling around, waiting on tomorrows meeting, the first meeting between the player union and NBA after the last possible deal fell apart. And listening to news on a “very real” chance that players are seeking that the union be decertified??

All great news.. as usual..

So today, we’re gonna talk Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady and Charles Oakley, interviewed by TSN’s “Off the Record” Show about their days in Toronto. And the “what if..” factor




Check it out!


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Are the LA Lakers Just Bored?

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Kobe Bryant (right) whistling away on the bench

Ever since the All-Star break, the Los Angeles Lakers had been one of the best teams in the league.. right up there with the OKC Thunder and the Chicago Bulls. They began the second half of the season with a 17-1 record and looked poised to beat out the San Antonio Spurs for the best record in the league.

And there I sat thinking:
. . . here comes another Laker Championship. . .

but in the blink of an eye, LA has collapsed.

After failing to box out on the final possession of a missed free throw vs the Nuggets and a heart breaking mishandle by Kobe Bryant vs the Jazz.. the Lakers have now lost 5 in a row (first time since acquiring Pau Gasol).

So are the Lakers just bored? or is this season’s inconsistent play pointing towards a failed Championship three-peat?

I really think its a bit of both. LA doesn’t look like a finals-lock as they had in their previous 3 years. Derek Fisher is even older and struggles to stop the penetration opposing guards and Ron Artest is a mood-swing on offense, because you just never know what your going to get. While the Mavericks have gotten bigger and the Thunder are bigger and quicker (Lethal).

But yes, the Lakers do look bored and just about ready to start competing for the title. They say ‘good habits are developed overtime’ and these are just not good habits. We saw the Lakers flick the switch after the all-star break and win 17 of 18..

Can they flick the switch twice in one season? Only time will tell..

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