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The Playoffs Are Here!

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The Playoffs are here!! — and the NBA Swish is featuring a friend and a basketball geek for the playoffs — the one and only Sherif Khalil (AKA. Scamz!) who will be competing verses yours truly in a Playoff Series Winner mashup!

High Schooling, back in the day

Here’s how its going to work:

Select correct series winner: +10 points
Incorrect selection will cost: -5 points

Having selected the correct winner, additional points can be earned:

Correct number of games: +6 points
One game error in guess: +3 points
Two game error: +1 points 

Lets get to it! Swish vs Scamz!




Starting with our Guest of Honor, here are Scamz’s Predictions:

Scamz's First Round Winners, NBA Playoffs 2012

Scamz’s Notes:

“Not really sure how Orlando and Indiana is gonna play out…that one was just a wild guess”

Here are Swish’s Predictions:

Swish's First Round Winners, NBA Playoffs 2012

Swish’s Notes: 
“No, its not a glitch.. I have the Mavericks taking out the Oklahoma City Thunder in 7. The Mavericks are underrated this year, and although OKC is my second favorite to win it all, I can’t stand ideally by.. wait, I WILL NOT stand ideally by and not give the defending Champs a shot out of the first round!”


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San Antonio Spurs Bit by Injury-Bug

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Tim Duncan's injury reveals his true value

Quietly and consistently the Spurs have been cruising to the NBA’s best record, behind the play of Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker…..?? Or so we thought…

What about the Big Fundamental?? Tim Duncan, one of the greatest power forwards to ever play in the NBA. And I’ll be the first to admit, that I was beginning to doubt Duncan’s significance on the Spurs. This year, he averages career lows in points and rebounds, at 13 and 9 respectively, so why would you consider him the best Spur?

On March 21st, the Spurs were far ahead in the standings amongst the Western Conference and the entire league, and it almost seemed eminent that they would earn home-court advantage for their entire playoff run… when aging star Tim Duncan injured his ankle (WATCH).

Kobe to Duncan: Thanks man, I'll take it from here...

Since the injury, the Spurs have lost 4 straight games without their two-time former MVP, and look as though they may squander an excellent all-round season to the RED-HOT Los Angeles Lakers..

So what does this tell us??

VALUE TIMMY! Stats don’t mean much when compared to Presence, Leadership and Heart.

To make matters even worse, both Parker and Ginobili did not play against the Blazers due to injuries as well!! Both listed as day-to-day..

Get Well Soon Spurs!

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