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Tough Comeback

On Saturday we pitched out our predictions for the Eastern Conference Semi Finals while we waiting for the west to get set, now that they are, here it is!

Final Point Tally:
Scamz – 95 points
Swish – 63 points (.. looking rusty — need a comeback!)

Here are the Predictions for the Semi Finals

Scamz Predicts:

Scamz’ Predictions for the 2012 NBA Playoffs Semi Finals


Swish Predicts:

Swish’s Predictions for the 2012 NBA Playoffs Semi Finals


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So.. to Sum Up:
Derrick Rose got injured, lost to the 76ers; Heat made ashes of the Knicks; Pacer’s advanced; Celtics got lucky; Mavericks were embarrassed; LA is not serious; Clips and Griz are making games really exciting to watch AND Spurs have not disappointed us! phew..

8th seeded 76ers beat out top seeded Bulls in NBA 1st Round Playoffs 2012

Tallying up the Points!

Scamz has tallied up 66 points with 2 Series still undecided in the First Round.
And I’m saddened to announce that I’m trailing by quite the early margin with just 40 points thus far. But have no fear! I’m like the Clips, just looking to have a 27 point comeback in the end!

First Round Predictions Here!

Second Round, Points are Doubled!

Select correct series winner: +20 points
Incorrect selection will cost: -10 points

Having selected the correct winner, additional points can be earned:

Correct number of games: +12 points
One game error in guess: +6 points
Two game error: +2 points

Eastern Conference Predictions from Scamz for the 2nd Round:

Scamz’s Second Round Eastern Conference Winners, NBA Playoffs 2012

Eastern Conference Predictions from Swish for the 2nd Round:

Swish’s Eastern Conference Second Round Winners, NBA Playoffs 2012

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The Playoffs Are Here!

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The Playoffs are here!! — and the NBA Swish is featuring a friend and a basketball geek for the playoffs — the one and only Sherif Khalil (AKA. Scamz!) who will be competing verses yours truly in a Playoff Series Winner mashup!

High Schooling, back in the day

Here’s how its going to work:

Select correct series winner: +10 points
Incorrect selection will cost: -5 points

Having selected the correct winner, additional points can be earned:

Correct number of games: +6 points
One game error in guess: +3 points
Two game error: +1 points 

Lets get to it! Swish vs Scamz!




Starting with our Guest of Honor, here are Scamz’s Predictions:

Scamz's First Round Winners, NBA Playoffs 2012

Scamz’s Notes:

“Not really sure how Orlando and Indiana is gonna play out…that one was just a wild guess”

Here are Swish’s Predictions:

Swish's First Round Winners, NBA Playoffs 2012

Swish’s Notes: 
“No, its not a glitch.. I have the Mavericks taking out the Oklahoma City Thunder in 7. The Mavericks are underrated this year, and although OKC is my second favorite to win it all, I can’t stand ideally by.. wait, I WILL NOT stand ideally by and not give the defending Champs a shot out of the first round!”

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The Obama Classic Basketball Game

President Barack Obama made the call, the players responded and the league made exceptions. Funny how things can work so smoothly sometimes… (I think there’s a lesson in there somewhere)

Collaborating with Alonzo Mourning and Chris Bosh, President Obama will be hosting an NBA Charity Game on December 12th.

Confirmed NBA Stars include:
Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, Amare Stoudamire, Chris Bosh

Ray Allen, Vince Carter, Baron Davis, Tyson Chandler, Jamal Crawford, Rudy Gay, Blake Griffin, Juwan Howard, Antawn Jamison, Kevin Love, John Wall, Russell Westbrook

and the Throwbacks:
Reggie Miller, Dikembe Mutombo, Alonzo Mourning!

and maybe a surprise appearance from the ‘baller’ President himself, lacing up and joining the Stars???


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Carter, McGrady and Oakley Reunite

Its Friday, November 4th.. you know what that means? That means we should be watching Blake Griffin dunking on a couple of Trail Blazers, Spurs and Mavs in an old timer classic and a good ol’ Nash vs Bryant showdown…

… instead we’re chilling around, waiting on tomorrows meeting, the first meeting between the player union and NBA after the last possible deal fell apart. And listening to news on a “very real” chance that players are seeking that the union be decertified??

All great news.. as usual..

So today, we’re gonna talk Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady and Charles Oakley, interviewed by TSN’s “Off the Record” Show about their days in Toronto. And the “what if..” factor




Check it out!


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Who is Kevin Durant’s Favorite NBA Player?

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Kevin Durant, only 22 yrs old and has already gained Superstar status in the NBA. Last season, he led the NBA in scoring and is on pace to complete that feat once again this season.

(Its crazy to think that this guy is only 1 month older than me… fml)

Kevin Durant Statistics:
27.8 ppg, 6.9 rebounds, 2.8 assists

Despite being an idol and role model to many basketball fans, Durant was once a fan himself, a fan of:

Vince Carter

Yup you better believe it… Vince Carter, although he has deteriorated with age, now 34, was a highlight machine up until his final year as a New Jersey Net, hence the names Vinsanity and Half Man, Half Amazing. He is currently the 8th top scorer in the NBA amongst active players and 36th all-time.

Durant said:

“When I was growing up and 8 or 9 or 10 and I really started getting into basketball . . . I thought he was the best player ever. . . I still look up to him. Even though people say he’s not the old Vince Carter, I’ve watched him in the league since I’ve been here, and he’s proved people wrong. So, I’m still a big fan. He’s still my favorite player.”

So.. do you think Carter knows he’s Durant’s Idol??

YOU be the judge..

This season, Carter is averaging a woeful 14.1 ppg, while shooting 43.7%..

However, against the Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder, in 3 games, Carter is averaging 30 ppg, shooting it at 53.2%

So yeah, I think he knows.. and baby it shows, Check it out..
Air Cactus??… Really?

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I Believe I Can Fly

Every basketball fan dreams the perfect NBA game, while playing the role of a Michael Jordan type player. Having the dominance of a LeBron James, accurate showtime passes of a Steve Nash, the dunking creativity of a young Vince Carter and the heart stabbing game-winners of a Kobe Bryant.

Ring a Bell?..

Vince Carter's dunks the ball and his elbow at the 2000 Slam Dunk Contest

Sometimes, I would dream that I got up so high for a dunk that I could just dunk myself as well, and frankly sometimes I did… true story.. But in my opinion, NBA players have continued to strive in evolving their dunking strategies to get closer and closer to that goal.

Need Proof? Vince Carter’s ‘Elbow Hanger’, Dwight Howard’s ’12ft Rim Dunk’ and obviously Michael Jordan’s ‘Space Jam Half Court Dunk’ (where his arm stretched out, that was awesome..)

Michael Jordan does a 2.0 version of the Air Jordan Dunk vs the Monstars

But last Wednesday, the art of dunking entered a new era! It was revolutionary, eye-opening, exciting and just “Sick, Wicked and Nasty’!

Phoenix Suns’ performer Nick Corrales during a third quarter timeout trampolined off for a dunk and accidentally Dunked Himself!

Check this out!

You probably watched it twice.. I know, its that cool!

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Leave you with this inspiring quote,

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.

— Anatole France

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