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They’ll Have You Spinnin’ In Your Seat!

In last week’s segment of RateMyPlayDotCom, Chris Paul’s ankle breaker was edged by Kobe’s dunk vs OKC, according to the voters. So congrats Kobe! You earned it! (cause I’m sure he reads this blog daily..)

This weeks top plays had me on the edge of my seat! We’ve got some nifty passes, demoralizing rejections and a couple of redonkulous hangtime, spin-cycle layups!

BASH, HYPE and Rate’em!

Ronnie Brewer: “Smile for my poster”

Ronnie Turaf, meet LeBron James

Randy Foye on target from 62 ft to none other than…

Nick Young left the defender in his dust with a 360 spinner

Lamar Odom looks like he could play for the Globetrotters on this play

Blake Griffin is also apart of this year’s 360 club

That’s all for this week, tough list to pick from

BASH, HYPE and Rate’em! Pick your TOP 3!

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Call the doc!

We got some broken ankles and bruised feelings!

In today’s article we introduce my newest segment called ‘RateMyPlayDotCom’, where we vote for our favorite moves, dunks, blocks, steals and passes and then we BASH or HYPE them all! (comments section)! Enough said..

Lets get ‘it started’ in here!

– Kevin Durant is as smooth and cool as they come

Durant hits the game winner and then casually walks over to Westbrook to discuss dinner plans..

– Derrick Rose teaches John Wall

Rose to Wall: “Lesson number one, I’m too good”

– Kobe ‘the Black Mamba’ Bryant still got some springs!

Kobe beef dunkin’ over not 1, not 2, but 3 OKC players, still got it!

– Josh Smith hurts Joel Anthony’s feelings on this one..

Bump me, slap me, hit me.. you’re still gonna get slammed on! OUCH!

– A Vince ‘sanity’ Carter sighting, lets watch

3/4 man, 1/4 amazing?? Power dunk VC, congrats on the 20,000 pt mark!

– Blake ‘the Earthquake’ Griffin getting stylish?

He probably thought to himself: While I’m up here, might as well practice for next months Slam Dunk Contest..

– Chris Paul tells Parker to take a seat and enjoy the show!

Two things nobody ever wants any part of, getting dunked on and having your ankles broken, we still love you TP!

There you have it people, the best of last week’s plays! Time to Rate’em!

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