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The Obama Classic Basketball Game

President Barack Obama made the call, the players responded and the league made exceptions. Funny how things can work so smoothly sometimes… (I think there’s a lesson in there somewhere)

Collaborating with Alonzo Mourning and Chris Bosh, President Obama will be hosting an NBA Charity Game on December 12th.

Confirmed NBA Stars include:
Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, Amare Stoudamire, Chris Bosh

Ray Allen, Vince Carter, Baron Davis, Tyson Chandler, Jamal Crawford, Rudy Gay, Blake Griffin, Juwan Howard, Antawn Jamison, Kevin Love, John Wall, Russell Westbrook

and the Throwbacks:
Reggie Miller, Dikembe Mutombo, Alonzo Mourning!

and maybe a surprise appearance from the ‘baller’ President himself, lacing up and joining the Stars???



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NBA Players Reject Owners’ Offer, To File Lawsuit

The morning of November 14th, 2011 started out with a lot of hope for NBA fans across the world.

News/rumors surfaced that the Players would probably accept the Owners’ offer, bringing us all hope and a sense of excitement and anticipation…

… and then it was all crushed.

News was released that the Players have officially rejected the leagues’ offer topped with a Union decertification and an anti-trust lawsuit against the league and its owners.

What does this all mean?

  • Cancellation of the NBA season is now more likely than ever
  • Player contracts may be voided
  • Overall disappointment to all NBA fans.
These are dark days, indeed..

Dark days ahead for NBA

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Carter, McGrady and Oakley Reunite

Its Friday, November 4th.. you know what that means? That means we should be watching Blake Griffin dunking on a couple of Trail Blazers, Spurs and Mavs in an old timer classic and a good ol’ Nash vs Bryant showdown…

… instead we’re chilling around, waiting on tomorrows meeting, the first meeting between the player union and NBA after the last possible deal fell apart. And listening to news on a “very real” chance that players are seeking that the union be decertified??

All great news.. as usual..

So today, we’re gonna talk Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady and Charles Oakley, interviewed by TSN’s “Off the Record” Show about their days in Toronto. And the “what if..” factor




Check it out!


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… Even Chris Kaman’s Pumpkin

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By now, you’ve all heard the news. The NBA and the Player’s Union did not come to an agreement Friday as we had previously hoped, failing to agree on the BRI split. Players Union (pressured by other players and agents) are unwilling to drop lower than 52%, while the league is still holding its ground at an even 50/50 split.

But more importantly, this lockout has left us all with a sour (vomit) taste in our mouth.

Just let Chris Kaman’s pumpkin sum up our feelings.

Everything is pretty much agreed on.. one side wants 52% the other 50%. Can you guess the number were looking for? Here’s a hint, starts with a 5 and ends with a 1… yup, nearly got it.. 51%..

Lets hope the two sides can just meet sometime this week and get the childish act over and done with!

In other news, heres a cool video from Nike.. way to market the lockout lol..


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NBA, Players Looking to Strike a Deal

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The League and its Players have never been closer to agreeing on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) and hopefully its just in time to reverse losing any games this season.

Several sources believe that this deal could get done tonight (Friday night), might be a long night.. but it might just be worth it!

and I’m pumped!

Based on what I’ve read —-

Issues to be Discussed Friday Morning:

  • BRI (Revenue split) – Scheduled to be the first discussion planned for the morning, the rest of meeting can either go well or very sour. As of now the players are holding strong at 52.5% (coming down from their previous 57% in the last CBA)
  • Players would like the NBA to reopen its doors to highschool graduates, while the NBA is would like to increase the current 19yrs old, 1 year removed from highschool up to 20 yrs old and 2 years removed.
  • Larry “Bird” Rights – A Teams ability to re-sign a player, even if they are over the salary cap.

Issues that seem to be agreed on:

  • Mid-level Exception (Price and Years)  – years reduced from 5 to 3 and price expected to be reduced from $5.85M to $5M
  • Luxury Tax System (with some exceptions in discussion)
  • Revenue Sharing between Owners
  • Sign and Trade
  • *NEW: Amnesty Clause –  Teams can waive one player on the roster and erase most of his salary off the luxury tax and salary cap. However, the player would still get paid the full amount (VERY Interesting!)

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NBA Labor Talks Continue with Little Progress

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While NBA Players and NBA Owners continue to discuss a new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), the 2011-12 season is off to a rocky start. The NBA pre-season has officially been cancelled and thereafter may come the regular season. As sides continue to discuss a possible deal, time continues to tick and the season could partially or completely be in jeopardy.

No NBA basketball for a year would truly suck.. Do I think its a possible outcomes? Yes. But do I think it will actually happen? No.

The NBA is a business and the amount of jobs and money that could potentially be lost by employees and owners respectively, exceeds the price of paying players what they think they deserve (and don’t get me wrong, most NBA players deserve every dime they earn, especially superstars who are probably even underpaid.. )

Facts be told, the Players Union will ultimately control the talks. There is no NBA without the players, but there could be an NBA with new owners. Obviously, the issue will not reach such breaking points, however, depending on how long it takes the owners to recognize this and maybe milk the players for as much money as possible, the longer we will have to sit and wait for an NBA season.

Lets just hope we don’t lose more than a 2 months of Bball, things are just too interesting right now.

Give ur opinion..

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