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Questionable Moves?

So the Boston Celtics are the first team to move on to the Second Round and I admit, I had no idea it would happen this quickly.

The combination of underestimating the Celtics (again) and the false hope that Carmelo Anthony or Amare Stoudamire may actually put forth a decent effort, ended the most highly anticipated first round match-up much too early.

Consequently, the New York Knicks were swept by the Celtics.

The worst part of all this, is that the Knicks were virtually blown out in their home losses, and seeming lacked effort, despite coming close to winning both games on the road in Boston.

And here come the questions. . .

Did the Knicks make the right move in acquiring Anthony?
I still think they made the right move, a talent like Anthony’s is hard to come by, but if they can just find a way to keep this guy motivated and focused.

Will Coach Mike D’Antoni’s system ever work?
No, No and a million times, NO! Basketball is about defense just as much as it is about offensive. Neither is better, neither is more important, both must be applied, practiced and perfected. D’Antoni needs to change his approach or find something else to do, because his system is ineffective against the best teams.

What changes do they have to make?
The Knicks must add veteran leadership that players of Melo and Stoudamire’s caliber will respect and follow. Not necessarily a star, just one whose play and achievements demand your effort and dedication. (Jason Kidd, Steve Nash… etc)


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Are the LA Lakers Just Bored?

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Kobe Bryant (right) whistling away on the bench

Ever since the All-Star break, the Los Angeles Lakers had been one of the best teams in the league.. right up there with the OKC Thunder and the Chicago Bulls. They began the second half of the season with a 17-1 record and looked poised to beat out the San Antonio Spurs for the best record in the league.

And there I sat thinking:
. . . here comes another Laker Championship. . .

but in the blink of an eye, LA has collapsed.

After failing to box out on the final possession of a missed free throw vs the Nuggets and a heart breaking mishandle by Kobe Bryant vs the Jazz.. the Lakers have now lost 5 in a row (first time since acquiring Pau Gasol).

So are the Lakers just bored? or is this season’s inconsistent play pointing towards a failed Championship three-peat?

I really think its a bit of both. LA doesn’t look like a finals-lock as they had in their previous 3 years. Derek Fisher is even older and struggles to stop the penetration opposing guards and Ron Artest is a mood-swing on offense, because you just never know what your going to get. While the Mavericks have gotten bigger and the Thunder are bigger and quicker (Lethal).

But yes, the Lakers do look bored and just about ready to start competing for the title. They say ‘good habits are developed overtime’ and these are just not good habits. We saw the Lakers flick the switch after the all-star break and win 17 of 18..

Can they flick the switch twice in one season? Only time will tell..

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Heat Going Ice Cold in Crunch Time

Chemistry becoming an issue??

After being blown out by the San Antonio Spurs Friday night, the Miami Heat now find themselves 3-7 against  teams with a winning record since the start of 2011 and more significantly just 1-5 against the ‘contenders’ of the league… not a good look..

Prior to Friday night’s embarrassing loss against the league’s best Spurs, Miami’s main issue seemed to be their inability to close out close games.. which is ironic seeing that they have two of last year’s best closers, in LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. But this doesn’t seem to be the only problem..

Check this out..

Could the Heat finally be feeling the pressure of the multiple championships they promised the world back in July when LeBron said,

..not 2, not 3, not  4, not 5, not 6, not 7 [Championships].. And when I say that, I really believe it. I’m not here blowing up smoke on these fans, because I’m about business. We believe we can win multiple championships…

So did I LeBron, I don’t know about 7.. I was thinking more like 3 or 4.. So what is going on?? Why are the Heat falling apart all of a sudden??

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Mustafa Shakur (#22) suffered through a wardrobe malfunction during his first ever NBA game

Wizards Fall Victim to Wardrobe Curse??


On November 22nd, the people of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry seemed to have just about enough of the Washington Wizards struggles as we did. Eventually, cursing two of the team’s players with what is now known as the “Wardrobo-Malfunctiatus Curse”. (yeah, I just went there…)

Apparently, the Wizards are having trouble with more than just winning basketball games, positioned 12th in the Eastern Conference with a 13-31 record, they also can’t seem to get their players into their uniforms correctly..

In our first instance of the Curse, newly called up D-League (Developmental league) player, Mustafa Shakur (#22) was making his NBA debut with the Washington Wizards, when he realized that his name and number were printed approximately 3 and a half inches south of the norm, so much so that it looks like half his number was tucked into his shorts. Although funny, we can’t blame the rook for the Wizards mistakes.. Shakur actually surprised in his debut, filling in nicely at the backup point-guard position, tallying up 5 points, 5 assists and 2 blocks in only 10 min of action, helping the Wizards to a shocking win over the surging Boston Celtics.

You know what they say: Any publicity is good publicity.

Kevin Seraphin took the court with his shorts backwards Monday night against the New York Knicks

The second incident of the Malfunctiatus Curse occurred just 2 days later, during a game against the New York Knicks. Kevin Seraphin (above) seemed to have forgot what it looks or feels like to wear shorts, as he took the court Monday night with his shorts on backwards. I mean how could that even be comfortable? Come on big guy, your better than that!

Watch Kevin Seraphin Struggle with his wardrobe HERE!

I bet “He Who Must Not Be Named” had something to do with this..

But no matter, it seems like Tuesday night’s affair with the Denver Nuggets had the Wizards uniforms and performances back to normal, losing by 11 on their home floor…


We can always count on you ‘Arry Potta!

Check out the quote of the day! (SUBSCRIBE! :))

They say that nobody is perfect. Then they tell you practice makes perfect. I wish they’d make up their minds.
— Wilt Chamberlain

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One Year Turnaround:
Best to Worst Record in the League

When LeBron James announced on ESPN’s “The Decision” that he would be leaving Cleveland to join forces with Superstars Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami, everyone was aware of the consequences that the Cleveland Cavaliers would endure. Losing arguably the best basketball player in the NBA, let alone the world, in his primed years is not a typical day in the NBA. Even Dan Gilbert, the Cavaliers owner, vowed in a letter to the fans, in which he revealed his hatred towards LeBron James, that the Cavaliers will win an NBA Championship before the self-proclaimed ‘King’ wins one in Miami with the Heat.

So yeah.. This was Huge!

Cleveland fans react to the return of LeBron James to Cleveland, as the the Heat faced the Cavs

How Huge?
The Cleveland Cavaliers have lost fifteen straight games, the latest at the hands of the Milwaukee Bucks and find themselves holding the title of “Worst team in the NBA”. After being considered a team in the hunt for a championship since their 2007 Finals appearance against the San Antonio Spurs, the Cavs are now in a different hunt…
(1) Working towards landing next year’s number 1 pick in the draft (worst team = best chances)
(2) Attempting to break the record for the greatest fallen franchises of all time

How’s that vow working out for you Dan?

Lets take a look at the Competition!

Race for Last?
In this segment of the hunt, the Cavs (8-33) are competing with a few teams, firstly, the drastically improved New Jersey Nets (yes, sarcasm..) at 11-31, wins-loses (last year, this time: 3-38 record). Secondly, a stagnant Minnesota Timberwolves team at 10-33, despite up and coming star Kevin Love (last year, this time: 9-34). And Finally a seemingly declining Sacramento Kings team at 9-31 (last year, this time: 15-26) who have disproved the logic: When your down, you have no place to go but up… (nice job guys)..

…And to make matters worse, watch Kevin Love’s awkward social skills..

LOL.. indeed!

*Fun Fact: Last year, this time, the Cleveland Cavaliers owned a 32-11 record and went on to win 61 games, placing them number one in regular season wins for the second straight year.

Ohhh, the fun memories…

Picture Time: LeBron James's pre-game spoof with former team.

Race for Greatest Fallen Franchises?
Here the competition is quite interpretative… The Cavaliers are competing with the 1998-99 Bulls, who registered a 13-37 record in the most recent lockout year (where NBA teams only played 50 games due to player-management negotiations). This coming on the heels of a Championship season under Michael Jordan’s reign and a 62-20 record, the 6th Championship for Jordan and the Bulls franchise. The 98-99 Bulls finished with a winning percentage of 26% while the Cavs now hold an even more pathetic 19.6% winning percentage. You can do it Cavs, just don’t blow your lead!

To check out more Fallen Franchises:


Could LeBron James’s departure from Cleveland be greater than Michael Jordan’s departure from the Bulls??

Check out how the Cavaliers were most recently humiliated!




... just awful ...

no comments, just pity..

Let’s hear those opinions!

All jokes aside, my pal Wilt said it best,

Everybody pulls for David, nobody roots for Goliath.
— Wilt Chamberlain

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